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from mexico here are seeking a better way of life. they're seeking part of work. they're seeking part of the american way of life. and i think that it only makes sense that we do a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes everyone. i think it's the only way we get past this moving forward. and the diversity of our state is so important and this economic engine with mexico, they're our number one trading partner. we talk about increase border patrols. we have 26,000 border agents today. if you triple them that would be 100,000 border patrol agents on the border. would you do these things with people that are part of our community, part of our heritage and our families? i think we've had enough division on this issues. and this describe with cuba we should have a comprehensive program. >> we're going to move on to another question involving immigration. this one comes from pedro rojas. >> thank you, gentlemen for being here with us tonight. as you know president obama, the fair action program has given a lot of hopes for young people in our done there that are awaiting to
what louisiana has done, or telling virginia, or telling maine or telling arizona or new mexico any state what they should do. but we've got to work with every state, and every legislation and oppose top two. in my view, it's a hindrance to true democracy for grass roots americans that don't want to be controlled by super packs. [cheers and applause] >> all right. and our final speaker on this topic, i know you were republican as governor of new mexico, gary johnson, your response. >> well, running for governor of new mexico as a republican, i ran completely outside of the political system. completely. i mean i went and i somewhere duesed myself to the republican party two weeks before i ran, and they said you know what? we like you, we like what you've got to say, we're completely inclusive. you can go and you can make your case to all republicans in this state. take part in the debates, take part in the discussion. that's the way that politics should be. i was able to make that presentation, i was able to make that case, and by the way, the republican party chairman at that time s
militarily instead of promoting the process. the process that is in place with the support of mexico and colombia and panama and venezuela -- instead of supporting the process, our administration has been supporting covert activities in it for what was to keep the revolution going to overthrow the sandinista government. el salvador was not pushing the head of the government toward the correction of human rights problems that exist there. now this administration seems almost befuddled by the fact that nicaragua is moving to participate in the process. alabama silo door is reaching out to be guerrillas to negotiate peace. -- el salvador is reaching out to the guerrillas to negotiate peace. >> many time in its history, the united states has gone to war to defend freedom. does your answer mean you would be willing to forgo the use of military force even if it meant the establishment of a soviet- backed dictatorship so close to our own borders? >> i assume you are speaking about the government of nicaragua. we can work with the government to achieve a pluralistic society. they do have ele
the students, taking -- enrollment data, the feedback from students -- >> would 3% be enough in new mexico where the african- american population is around 2%? >> i do not think it would. it is not tied to demographics. it is understood that we are not pursuing demographics. -- key facts have been undisputed. >> mr. garre, i think the issue my colleagues are asking is at what point and when do we stop deferring to the university's judgment that race is still necessary. that is the bottom line of this case. you are saying, and i think rightly, that you can not set a quota, because that is what our cases said you could not do. if we are not going to set a quota, what do you think is the standard that we applied toake the judgment? >> the standard you would apply is the one set for begin grutter, -- said forward in grutter, looking to if there was an environment where they do not feel like spokespersons for their race, cross-understanding is promoted, and the benefits of diversity are realized the reason the university of texas -- realized. the reason the university texas came to that not bee
] [applause] really, governor, your father was from mexico and you have five kids. are you sure you are not catholic? [applause] mr. president, you are not getting a free pass tonight. we arcs -- we are excited to have you here tonight. almost as excited as we were in 2008. although the catholic church does so president obama a. debt of gratitude. easieraught us if it's for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of debt -- of heaven. say what you will about the economy. mr. president, it will be a lot easier for a lot more people to get into heaven. [applause] we recognize you have some challenges this year. it is never could when your opponent has produced more sums than you have jobs. i am pretty sure that number is accurate. paul ryan gave it to me. he is such an effective attack dog, i am worried governor romney might strap him on the roof of a car. of course, president obama wishes he could put joe biden on a car, too. the amtrak quiet car. [laughter] all kidding aside, one way both got us a ride are makig t -- both are making
.e.d.'s. so far in 2012, 2086 casualties. it has been a tremendous growth. colombia and mexico also. as i look at this, it is an enduring threat that i think both operational and to our forces and domestically will be here for decades. as i said, it is not just about the devices, but about the networks. and we see the ied as a weapon of choice along the threat continuum. at everything from the low end criminal smugglers, narcotics networks, all the way up to the high end terrorist networks and everything in between. these networks are resilient, adaptive, and very agile. as i tell my friends there centers of excellence are virtual, flat, and unencumbered. they seamlessly communicate sharing recipes, ttp's. i think the way they communicate their command and control system is a huge strategic advantage for them. then we see the proliferation of techniques across these various networks. the projectiles we saw used so effectively, the iranian weapons we saw in iraq, in the gaza strip, and have seen them start to appear in somalia. the vehicle born i.e.d.'s originated in the middle east. we see in
. he was shoveling gravel in mexico. but if we get this crazy national health care thing, if we wind up keeping this nutty, more government involvement with health care, what we are doing is we are sending a call to attract people. come here and use the government benefits. we are creating a welfare state. >> you just said it is a fiction that they are coming for benefits and now he said they're coming for benefit. >> some of them might be coming here for benefits. i know there are people who come here to have birth and had the baby said they can both get citizenship as well as get the pregnancy coverage. we need to eliminate that. no person has a right to live at the expense of another person. that is an american principle we have forgot about in this country. we need to get back to that. >> congressman, how much should the united states police the world? >> i think we ought to detect our national security interests abroad. it ought to start with what is our national security interests, does our activity overseas for that interest? and two there are other reasons to be active overseas
of immigrants. we welcome people coming to this country as immigrants. my dad was born in mexico of american parents; ann's dad was born in wales and is a first- generation american. we welcome legal immigrants into this country. i want our legal system to work better. i want it to be streamlined. i want it to be clearer. i don't think you have to -- shouldn't have to hire a lawyer to figure out how to get into this country legally. i also think that we should give visas to people -- green cards, rather, to people who graduate with skills that we need. people around the world with accredited degrees in science and math get a green card stapled to their diploma, come to the u.s. of a. we should make sure our legal system works. number two, we're going to have to stop illegal immigration. there are 4 million people who are waiting in line to get here legally. those who've come here illegally take their place. so i will not grant amnesty to those who have come here illegally. what i will do is i'll put in place an employment verification system and make sure that employers that hire people who
-rate candidates not panning out so well like linda in hawaii and heather wilson in new mexico. i think it's about a 40% chance of republicans taking a majority. but i think it's going to be a lot of one-two point races so that i would not be surprised if wednesday lunchtime we may not be positive. remember, six years ago the last time this group of senate seelts were up you had missouri, montana, and virginia still up for grabs. and that was the majority of the senate. and in those three states, senator editor figured this out, 4.8 million people voted in those three states and those three states were decided by 60,600 total votes and there was the majority of the senate. i think we could be in that kind of situation. but basically once you moved nebraska the nelson open seat from the democratic side to the republican side that's a done deal. basically, republican seats, three if they win the white house or two if they win the white house, three if they don't if nebraska's moved over and you have five democratic toss-ups, five republican toss-ups. and keep in mind that those last group of toss-up
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9